Episode for May 14, 2024

1103 Anya Kamanetz from Headwaters Camp and the News from Earth One

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From Anya Substack…..

The Golden Hour has a bigger agenda than just you and your family. Children are a disadvantaged and disenfranchised group who deserve agency and voice. Generational justice is the lens of looking at challenges facing humanity from the perspective of the young and future generations. And, it turns out, a child-centric society is better for just about everyone. For one thing, it’s more fun!

This is a space for truthful, courageous conversation.

I am a journalist and author with a solid track record of being prescient about changes in technology, institutions, and society in general. I’ve been covering tech & climate changesocial movementsmental healtheducation and parenting for almost two decades.

I’m a journalist who cares about young people and is fascinated by the future. That’s led me to cover education, technology, and now climate change. I started at 25 with the book Generation Debt about young people’s economic struggles. I’ve published four more books, most recently The Stolen Year: How Covid Changed Children’s Lives, And Where We Go NowI spent 8 years covering education for NPR, where I launched Life Kit: Parenting, a successful podcast series about difficult conversations, and got to co-star with Cookie Monster in a video, which was a career and life highlight.

I quit my job at NPR in 2022 to focus on the intersection of kids and climate. I now work with the Aspen Institute’s This Is Planet Ed initiative and the Climate Mental Health Network.

I live in Brooklyn with my husband and two children and I’m extremely serious about having fun—joy is part of my spiritual practice. I go out dancing a few times a month and make fun costumes for Burning Man and Mardi Gras. I also garden, cook, go jogging and other extremely normal mom stuff.

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