Episode for May 23, 2023

848 Bruce Bartlett and Michael Cohen

I start with Bruce at 12 mins and Michael at about 30

Bruce Bartlett is a longtime observer and commenter on economic and political affairs in Washington, D.C. He has written for virtually every major national publication in this area, including The New York TimesThe Washington PostThe Wall Street JournalUSA Today, Politico, and many others. Read his column at and subscribe to The New Republic

Bartlett’s work is informed by many years in government, including service on the staffs of Congressmen Ron Paul and Jack Kemp and Senator Roger Jepsen, as executive director of the Joint Economic Committee of Congress, senior policy analyst in the Reagan White House, and deputy assistant secretary for economic policy at the Treasury Department during the George H.W. Bush administration.

Bruce is the author of nine books including The New York Times best-seller, The Benefit and the Burden: Tax ReformWhy We Need It and What It Will Take (Simon & Schuster 2012). His earlier book, Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy (Doubleday 2006), was also a New York Times best-seller. Bartlett’s latest book is The Truth Matters: A Citizens Guide to Separating Facts from Lies and Stopping Fake News in Its Tracks (Ten Speed Press/Penguin Random House 2017).

Bartlett often appears on television, where he is a regular on MSNBC, CNBC, CNN and other news networks. He has also appeared on The Daily Show with Jon StewartThe Colbert ReportFull Frontal with Samantha BeeThe Opposition with Jordan KlepperThe McLaughlin GroupMoyers and Company

Most importantly he is a regular on Stand Up and my proudest achievement was creating his twitter account and encouraging him to use it.

Michael A. Cohen is a regular contributor for The Boston Globe on national politics and foreign affairs. He is also the author of “American Maelstrom: The 1968 Election and the Politics of Division.” Michael has written for dozens of news outlets, including as a columnist for the Guardian and Foreign Policy and he is the US Political Correspondent for the London Observer. He previously worked as a speechwriter at the US State Department and has been a lecturer at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.

Please check out and hopefully subscribe to Michael’s Substack newsletter Truth and Consequences!  Stand Up subscribers get a discount on Michael’s new newsletter!

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