Episode for October 25, 2021

Bob Rice on the Future of Everything and Glenn Kirschner on 1/6, Bannon and more Episode 462

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27:00 Bob Rice is one of the old show’s all time favorites and for no main reason he hasn’t been on the show  is the Alternative Investment Editor at Bloomberg Television, where he appears daily on “Money Moves with Deirdre Bolton,” the only show on TV solely dedicated to Alternatives. Bob has been involved in Alternatives world for 30 years. He serves on boards of investment management firms with over $2 billion of assets under management, as well as Gust, the leading platform for seed stage companies and investors. After starting his career at the U.S. Justice Department, he worked on the early generations of derivatives as a partner at premiere Wall Street’s law firm Milbank, Tweed. He then entered the private equity world via Wexford Capital, where he launched a 3D technology startup that later became the publicly traded Viewpoint, of which he served as CEO. In 2004, he founded merchant bank Tangent Capital, whose principals have raised and invested several billions of dollars for and in alternative funds and transactions. Bob appears regularly on dozens of major media outlets around the world, and frequently keynotes at major financial industry conferences.

1:09 Glenn Kirschner is a former federal prosecutor with 30 years of trial experience.  He served in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia for 24 years, rising to the position of Chief of the Homicide Section.  In that capacity, Glenn supervised 30 homicide prosecutors and oversaw all homicide grand jury investigations and prosecutions in Washington, DC. Prior to joining the DC U.S. Attorney’s Office, Glenn served more than six years on active duty as an Army Judge Advocate General (JAG) prosecutor, trying court-martial cases and handling criminal appeals, including espionage and death penalty cases.

Glenn tried hundreds of cases in his 30 years as a prosecutor, including more than 50 murder trials, multiple lengthy RICO trials and precedent-setting cases. 

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