Episode for October 11, 2022

Episode 700! Comedian JL Cauvin

Well hello and thank you for reading today’s show notes. As a result you are one of God’s chosen ones. So what I am trying to tell you is the Lord appreciates you for reading today’s show notes. On today’s show I go over Yesterday’s news including the Ohio Senate debate and the fallout over Kanye West’s antisemitic remarks then I get to the great JL cauvin who honestly has some of the best political analysis out there and always makes me laugh. Subscribe to JL’s podcasts and see him

this Friday in York Pennsylvania ,Saturday he will headline a fundraiser I am producing for the Clarkstown New York Democratic committee  in Nyack NY then he’ll be in Princeton New Jersey on October 28 and 29th, Ann Arbor Michigan November 11 and 12th Syracuse Funnybone Nov 23

Now on to his BIO

JL Cauvin is the best Trump impersonator in the world. He is also a very talented Stand Up Comic with who I have known for a long time. JL has recorded 6 stand up albums! J-L’s act is incredibly diverse and has led to six stand up albums: 2006′s Racial Chameleon, 2008′s Diamond Maker, 2012′s Too Big To Fail and 2013′s Keep My Enemies Closer, 2016’s Israeli Tortoise, which hit #1 on the iTunes comedy chart and his 2018 double album Thots & Prayers. He has also released two albums as Donald Trump: 2017’s Fireside Craps, an entire album as Donald Trump which hit #1 on the iTunes comedy chart and 2020’s Fireside Craps: The Deuce which went #1 on both Amazon and iTunes’ comedy charts and broke into the Top 40 on iTunes’ overall album charts.

Subscribe to JL new Patreon and get tickets to see us both this Saturday May 14 in NYC

JL is the host of 2 podcasts “Righteous Prick” and “Making Podcasts Great Again”

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