Episode for October 17, 2022

Episode 704: Bill Boyle Bill B in DC

Hey There

I didn’t get to add much to my interview with Bill on today’s show because Laura Coates asked me to come to DC to join her on CNN but we had a great hour long conversation that I think is definitely worth it. 

Bill Boyle is a well sourced and connected businessman who lives in Washington DC with his wife and son. Bill is a trusted friend and source for me who I met after he listened and became a regular and highly respected caller of my siriusxm radio show. Bill is a voracious reader and listeners love to hear his take. I think his analysis is as sharp as anyone you will hear on radio or TV and he has well placed friends across the federal government who are always talking to him. As far as I can tell he is not in the CIA. Follow him on twitter and park at his garages.

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