Episode for December 27, 2022

Episode 750: Listener Spotlight: Dr Barry Hummel

Hello and Happy Taint Week Day 2! 

Today’s guest is Dr Barry Hummel. Barry is a long time listener and valuable contributor to the Stand Up Community and I think you will enjoy our talk! More on Barry Below!

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Dr. Hummel’s career has been based on the belief that there are more effective means to provide medical information than office-based, one-on-one contact with patients.

After completing his Pediatric training at the University of North Carolina Hospitals, Dr. Hummel moved to Los Angeles and started MediCinema Enterprises, a company specializing in medical support services for the entertainment industry. 

Through his work in the film industry, Dr. Hummel became the Research Coordinator for the Blue Planet Marine Research Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by James Cameron.  In addition to his research responsibilities, Dr. Hummel edited and published the organization’s newsletter and produced several documentaries about the work of the foundation.

For family reasons, Dr. Hummel relocated to Florida in 2005.  Since that time, he has used his skills to tackle one of the biggest public health problems in the United States:  tobacco addiction.  He is the co-founder of QuitDoc Foundation, and, as the group’s only Pediatrician, he has been instrumental in developing tobacco awareness and prevention programs for children and teenagers in Florida.

For more information on Dr. Hummel, you can download his Curriculum Vitae.

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