Episode for August 15, 2023

Episode 901 Trump indicted. Again and Matt and Tawni Browning on infiltrating White Supremacists

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Fani Willis Announces Indictment Against Trump and 18 Others for a ‘Criminal Conspiracy’ to Overturn 2020 Election


MATT BROWNING is an undercover law enforcement officer in Arizona who spent considerable time assigned to the FBI – working both the Joint Terrorist Task Force and the Violent Crimes / Fugitive Task Force. Spending most of his career in Intelligence and gangs, Matt has well over 20 years working and investigating right and left-wing extremism with such groups as Volksfront, KKK, World Church of the Creators, Aryan Nations, National Alliance, Aryan Brotherhood, various border activist groups and militias as well Antifa, Sharps, Anarchists and sovereign citizens both in overt and covert capacities. He is a court certified expert in all areas of gang activity including Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, Hispanic Gangs, Black Gangs, White Gangs and Prison Gangs. In 2005, with the assistance of his wife Tawni, who went undercover herself and was instrumental in his work, they created the Skinhead Intelligence Network (S.I.N.) newly named the Supremacist Intelligence Network, an international law enforcement intelligence sharing organization. Through his proven model of fighting hate and associations with elite members of law enforcement, Matt and Tawni continue to track, monitor and dismantle supremacy including extremists, religious cults, sovereign citizens and hate groups throughout the world.

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