Episode for October 13, 2021

Jessie Earl / Jessie Gender Episode 454

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Today’s show was produced from Orlando where I am on the road working with the Florida Education Association

No news segment and only one guest but a very special guest

Jessie Earl is a YouTuber, video producer, journalist and writer. Mainly, she makes videos for her YouTube channel  “Jessie Gender” where she uses pop culture and geekdoms as entry points to talk about LGBTQ, transgender, and other social issues. She has also worked as a creator and writer for the LGBTQ magazines The Advocate and Out Magazine, as well as a video producer for Skybound Entertainment, Gamespot, Microsoft, the Seattle Museum of Pop Culture, and more. She’s also a giant Trekkie, so be careful not to mention Spock or she will talk your pointy ears off. 



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