Episode for March 27, 2023

SUPD 807 Scientist, Farmer, edible landscaper, Friend Kevin Richberg

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Today is Kevin Richberg day!

Kevin and I have become friends over the past few years since the old show died. Kevin was a long time listener and we often emailed back-and-forth during the old show days but he really showed up as a genuine friend like so many of the rest of you did when that show and period of my life ended.

I quickly learned as I have about so many of you, how intelligent and educated, passionate and kind, as well as very funny Kevin is.

His official bio is :

Co-owner of Slate Hill Edible Forest in Central New York, a 27 acre fruit orchard, biodiversity collection, and experimental farm focused on adaptation to a changing climate. Kevin has advanced degrees in chemistry and molecular biology from Caltech and MIT. Before going into farming full time he spent 10 years of his life on a massive worldwide exploration of 122 countries. Kevin’s current projects at Slate Hill Edible Forest include an apricot breeding program, restoring old school hard cider cultivars, and a 300 Fruit Variety Living Maze.


Hire Kevin to consult: slatehilledibleforest@gmail.com

Slate Hill Edible Forest (SHEF) is a 27 acre permaculture orchard, plant nursery, and research farm located in Marcellus, New York. Started in 2020 by Kevin and Zach, the farm’s main goal is to create a sustainable, enduring fruit orchard and botanical collection that can adapt to the changing climate and serve as a teaching tool for the future of farming.

Here he is on Facebook

Kevin is a SUPD subscriber who often joins us at our hangouts, and I hope you do too.

Check out this episode!

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