Episode for October 11, 2023

SUPD 941: News Recap and From the ALL NEW “Off Message” Brian Beutler

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Off Message is a newsletter by me, Brian Beutler, about politics, media, and culture in America, and about how to see past the distorting effects—the lies, jargon, and talking points—that can make these realms so confusing.

The hope is to re-establish a beachhead for a kind of liberal political journalism that has become a bit hard to find recently, but that embodies a more insurgent spirit—where it seems natural rather than heretical that new ideas and leaders should challenge older ones, and liberals have the confidence to confront the forces of reaction directly across a range of liabilities. 

That’s the sensibility I was trained with and have nurtured over a nearly 20 year career in journalism. In that time I’ve been a beat reporter, leading coverage of Congress, policy, and politics for the news website TPM; a columnist for the New Republic; and editor in chief of Crooked Media. I’m a widely cited analyst and reporter who’s launched and hosted multiple podcasts and has been published in the country’s most prestigious outlets, including the New York Times.

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