Episode for October 25, 2023

SUPD 953 A Long talk with Author, Columnist, Commentator Michael Cohen on Israel/Palestine

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Michael has been writing a lot about the issue we discussed today. Here is his latest at MSNBC American Jews must demand more from our progressive allies

Michael A. Cohen has been a columnist for the Boston Globe on national politics and foreign affairs since 2014. He is also the author of “American Maelstrom: The 1968 Election and the Politics of Division,” “Live From the Campaign Trail: The Greatest Presidential Campaign Speeches of the 20th Century and How They Shaped Modern America” and is the co-author with Micah Zenko of “Clear and Present Safety: The World Has Never Been Better and Why That Matters to Americans.” Michael has written for dozens of news outlets, including as a regular columnist for the Guardian, Foreign Policy, the London Observer, and World Politics Review. He previously worked as a speechwriter at the US State Department, on Capitol Hill, and at NBC; was a Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation and a fellow at the Century Foundation, the American Security Project, and the World Policy Institute; and has also been a lecturer at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.
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