Episode for April 21, 2023

SUPD: Gen Z “Zeries” Pyschotherapist Aimee Chase

Hello friends this is a Stand Up! with Pete Dominick production special “Gen Zeries” with Aimee Chase!

This series of conversation are my effort to connect with younger people so that I can have a better understanding as to how they see themselves and the world they are coming up behind us in. I know lots of folks who listen to the show that are around my age or within a 20 years or so who have kids or even grandkids now that are Generation Z. So I think that this series also helps me understand and relate to my own kids so that I can be a better dad and not an old fashion bitter curmudgeon. I hope that you find these conversations as interesting as I do having them.

Today’s special guest is my friend Aimee Chase. Aimee is my friend and mentor Steve Chase’s daughter.

Aimee is a psychotherapist who has two masters degrees and a bachelors degree. Aimee has worked with an extremely diverse group of populations as a therapist. She spent four years working in Washington DC at the National Capitol Treatment and Recovery Center, she has travelled to and lived in India 4 times. Aimee is trained musician who founded the student climate and conservation Congress in 2009 while she was still in high school. I could go on and on about her accomplishments and also about the adversities that she has had to overcome. Last year she was diagnosed with cancer and we talk about her treatment and positive outlook, we also discuss her losing a friend to suicide in high school and how all of us were traumatized by the global pandemic. I think it’s a fascinating conversation and to learn more about Aimee find her online 

Here is her about section from her Psychology Today profile


I enjoy working with clients of all ages and genders who are coping with anxiety, ADHD, depression, low self-esteem, complex grief, addiction, life transitions, co-dependency, identity and existential issues. I also have extensive experience working with people who are struggling with ambivalence surrounding change, goal-setting, and motivation.
I am an empathetic clinician who is passionate about helping individuals achieve their goals, gain greater insight into themselves, and create meaning in their lives. I approach therapy as a collaborative journey, one where I walk alongside individuals, at their own pace, as they explore, heal, and grow.
My approach is holistic and person-focused in nature, with influences from attachment theory, existentialism, and cognitive-behavioral theory. I believe it is essential to consider clients’ individual social and cultural contexts, past and present experiences, early attachment relationships, and individual goals as a part of the therapeutic process.

If you want to contact Aimee aimee.mk.chase@gmail.com

Aimee lives in California with her partner..

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