Episode for March 15, 2024

SUPD Presents : Ana Marie Cox “Getting Better ” with guest Journalist and Author Oliver Broudy


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SUPD Presents: “Getting Better with Ana Marie Cox”

I convinced Ana Marie Cox to come back to Podcasting One Episode at a time. I am really excited about this opportunity and I hope you will support Ana by sending her 5-10$ for joining us today. 

For more on what “Getting Better” all about you will have to press play!

Oliver Broudy is the author of The Sensitives, published in 2020 by Simon & Schuster. He has written for Men’s HealthThe New York TimesMother Jones, and many other publications. His work has taken him to China, Afghanistan, New Zealand, and elsewhere. He has written about mega-pop stars, mega-sports stars, kung-fu, anarchy, and lots of weird medical conditions. He is a finalist for the National Magazine Award and his Amazon Singles have twice been named best Single of the year. Currently, he is at work on a book about the labor movement.

Ana Marie Cox is a political columnist for The New Republic and a culture critic whose writing has appeared in Texas MonthlySports Illustrated, the New York Times, and NBC.com. Through 2022, she wrote a “Sober Questioning” column at The Cut. She hosts the science fiction and political science podcast Space the Nation with Dan Drezner (created to fill the hole in their hearts when The Churn was canceled). She’s a regular on the Stephen King podcast The Losers Club (a favorite episode is this one on recovery themes in King’s work). Her memoir, “Just Like Your Mother” — a reported account of addiction, recovery, and intergenerational trauma — will be published by Random House.

She hosted “With Friends Like These,” a podcast from Crooked Media from 2017-2022. During the pandemic When we recognized there was a pandemic, she had a regular Instagram Live check-in with John Moe, that archive is here.

She conducted the “Talk” interviews featured in the New York Times Magazine from 2015-17. She was the senior political correspondent for MTV News from 2016 until they pivoted to video. She is on cable news more often than she’d like, which isn’t that often.

Since starting the snarky political blog Wonkette in 2004, she has worked at a bewildering variety of outlets, including Time magazine, GQ, Air America, and The Guardian. Prior to Wonkette, she was an editor at Mother Jones and at the webzine Suck.com. She is the author of the romantic comedy novel Dog Days.

Ana gained attention in 2008 for being an early, enthusiastic adopter of Twitter and quickly amassed a following of 1 million. She is not on Twitter anymore (because Nazis) but you can follow her on Instagram and Bluesky (@anamariecox on both).

You can hear her story about being a suicide attempt survivor here. You may have read that she’s a Christian now, too.

After ten years in the frigid Midwest, she returned home to Austin, TX in December 2020. She is accompanied by her dog, Exley, named for the author Fred Exley, her murder kitten, Molly Ivins, named for Molly Ivins, and her cat-shaped void, Bram Stoker, named for Bram Stoker.

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